Participated in my first Zoom Chat


Tonight I participated in my first Zoom Chat. I was not familiar with this tool and were some things that I really liked and some things I did not..

This was the event on Accessibility

My experiences with Zoom

All speakers and participants were featured on the same level.  This inclusion made me feel really required to participate – and I had to be logged in and engaged. (This would be different than Firetalk where everyone presenting is at the top and users must use chat)

  1.  I was able to easily mute and unmute myself.
  2. My internet was not great, but I was easily able to both talk and type.
  3. Sound was good.
  4. Every participate was able to screen share – so for teaching it would be good.

I think the Zoom Meeting is a good possible solution for some of our online learning needs. From the participant end it was easy to use and even though I was on a sketchy connection, worked well and was easy to use.

The price was not bad, 14.99 a month to host up to 50 people. Also all chats could be downloaded to be archived.

I spoke with some others who participated and they talked that they found it more reliable than Google Hangouts.    Since the talk I was attending was on Accessibility, I wonder if Zoom is more accessible than other tools? and what affordances it offers.


For the Program at OU that is looking for a blended approach,  Zoom might be a good solution.


Upcoming CTE Fellow Workshop: Creativity in the Classroom

I am working with the Center for Teaching Excellence as part of the CTE Faculty Teaching Fellows..

The theme of my series is what will our students look like in 5 years – how do we need to change to be ready for them.. We have two upcoming presentations with one guest speaker that you can be part of..

Tuesday January 24th – we are having a public lecture at 7:15 PM in Room 334 in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education..


Rabbi Michael Cohen is known in K-12 circles for his workshops on creativity and sketchnoting.  He will give us all (both K12 and Higher Education) insight on how we can better reach students by incorporating creativity in the classroom.

Read more about him at:

He is going to do a 1 hour workshop on involving creativity in teaching.

Tap Into YOUR Creative Mind

We are all creative, some artists, musical, and almost everyone even those who can barely get out a stick figure are visual learners. Come learn about how visual learners can be supported through creative projects, especially sketchnoting. Learn the creative end, the research, and most of all come ready to have fun!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 | 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM
Room 334 in Collings Hall

If you will attend – please register here: (this will help plan for seating and deliver any parking information).

Why this workshop for the CTE Fellow Program 

More and more students are finding the ability to incorporate creativity in their learning.  When they come to OU – will they be hitting a wall and forced back into traditional teaching methods?  Rabbi Michael Cohen motivates and inspires teachers to find ways to incorporate creativity in the classroom – and by understanding what students are doing before college – you can tap those experiences in your classroom projects.

MITE Conference – Just Arrived.

I currently just arrived at the MITE Conference  – Mobile Technologies in Teacher Education  I am really excited to be here for a few reasons..

  • I am talking about things that I am passionate about with people who are also passionate.. These include:
  • Preservice teacher education
  • Use of mobile technologies in Preservice teacher education
  • Talking about topics like Coding, Credentialing, (Apple Teacher)
  • I am excited to learn about how they are approaching things and might get some new ideas.

Also CalState Teach is the host.  This is teacher education program that uses a lot of virtual technologies and online education. I am excited to learn some online strategies for use with the 21st Century Masters Program. ( )   I think I could learn a lot from them.

CalState Teach is also an Apple Distinguished Program and so I would like to see more what they are doing. Currently there are only a few ADP’s in Teacher Education Programs in the country.


I have three presentations:

3:00 on Friday about my Preservice Teacher Interning Study with experience sampling.

11:15 on Saturday -About the projects that my students create.

1:00 on Saturday – About a group of College of Education Faculty that I worked with to create digital content to share.

Two of them have iTunesU courses.. there will be a little more polish yet.. but here are the courses.

Preservice Teachers Technology Projects – 11:15 Saturday

College of Education Summit Courses 1:00 Saturday


New 21st Century Cohort

I am super excited that we have 14 new 21st century masters cohorts..  it seems like it is one step forward and two steps back though..

I feel as though recruiting and student services is a place for us to really grow and develop and really successful programs invest in that..

I think it is  going a great second cohort as the first group finishes up. We have learned a lot and teachers deserve to have a concierge program as much as executives.

How do schools like Lamar do it?  How do they process all those people and make sure they get a quality education.


I took the Badging Plunge – Confessions of a Late Adopter

Okay.. here goes nothing.. I am using Badgelist, I am going to try to convert all of my exploration assignments into badges..   I have set them up as public badges on Badgelist.

Why public?

  1. It is free
  2. It is public and all things about creativity and 21st century learning is about public display.
  3. It is open and Open is what we should be modeling for our students.
  4. It allows for easier critique.
  5. It provides a public data point for our CAEP
  6. Students can link to it as part of their own portfolio and job application materials.

Since I have been so resistant to the idea of badging..  you might find it interesting to follow my first foray into the badging world..

The student badges will found at  

PS.. I did need to pull a few assignments back to Canvas because of Ferpa concerns  but large several step activities were broken down into steps.  For example – DonorsChoose critiques is a badge, but writing your own Donorschoose practice for a classroom you are observing is within Canvas.