Using a Collaborative Pages Epub as a discussion tool.

So today in your preservice technology class we were talking about digital equity. As their reading response, students were asked to make a Pamphlet (4 page) epub using pages about why Digital equity matters.  but honestly, discussing topics, can be like pulling teeth.. and so I wanted to find a better way.. 

So since I knew that you could do an collaborative ePub in Pages. what I did was use an Epub (books) template to make a collaborative document I could share..


(Saved the template to ICloud) and then chose share link changing the settings to anyone with link can edit.  

Then I shared to the students using a (since that was so much easier). Each classroom table was given a page to summarize and then I started the activity by getting them to define digital equity and end the book with the top takeaways.  They worked in their small groups to prepare their pages and discuss digital equity.   We saved it as an epub and could share. 

Why this was so good.. 

I could watch the students all collaborating (loud, quiet, writer etc.) all could be typing on the document..  I could see them actively editing on my screen that gave me a sense of what they were doing. 

Students had lively discussions in small groups and produced really valuable materials – more than a large group discussion. 

Students liked that they could see what others were doing by flipping the pages. 

Using the book template scaffolded the activity and gave them a task to finish to stay on track. 

Finally, it modeled how they could use collaborative work in their own classroom.  

Last but not least, it was device agnostic – ie.. they edited with both iPads and computers – it was about the task and not the tool.   

Check out my Monday 9am Class’s book.  (you will need to download and open with an Epub reader like Ibooks)

This worked out really well for me and I will use this kind of debrief and discussion module in the future.