21st Century Masters Cohort 2 F2F Weekend

So one of the things that I am most proud of professional is our 21st Century Masters.  If you want to read more about it. go to http://bit.ly/21stcenturyteaching  

As part of this masters degree, students study the key ideas of 21st century thinking and innovation.  Each cohort has one face to face weekend and we are doing it this week. The goal is to build community and help the students know each other and the faculty.   We do a variety of activities to have students accomplish these goals.

Friday night we always try to have a public event. This year we watch Code: Debugging the Gender Gap and then had panelists from the The Div.org and iThemes to talk about out how getting kids  involved in computer science can be important for building our State.

We also did a variety of team Building Activities.  We did a break out EDU and then we designed a Cohort Logo and then made it into signs at the Fab Lab at the OU Innovation Hub..

If we are going to talk about communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity – then we have to practice. Our activities helped us to put these ideals into practice.



While I did not get a good picture yet,  we had cohort 1 (5 members) also attend Friday night..I really think we are creating a powerful community that can change Oklahoma and the education of our kids.  (and Texas and North Carolina)

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