Can’t plan everything… and that is awesome..

So two weeks ago my students were fortunate to attend the Connect ED showcase at Arthur Elementary. Connect ED is a program from Apple that provided 1 to 1 iPads and awesome professional development to some of the most economically challenged schools in the country. We are lucky enough to have one of those schools in Oklahoma City Arthur Elementary.

So 11 of my students attended Arthur’s showcase for extra credit 2 weeks ago and they were wowed by the tech that the kids were using .. they were especially impressed by the Brandi Criminger’s 2nd Grade Word Wall made with HP Reveal. Students wrote their words on the wall, and then they embedded an a video of them all saying the word and using it in sentence. Our students loved it..

I played with HP Reveal when it was Aurasma (former name) but had not really done anything big with it.. and our students could not stop talking about what they saw.. So what we did.. is we made HP Reveal Posters about the ISTE standards for educators and students (two different classes)

We broke the class into groups of 2 or 3 each had a standard and had to put in their own words and talk about how it would look in class.

Then 3 students who were artistic created the signs. Then using HP Reveal we overlayed the videos over each target word so that someone visiting the poster could scan it to learn more.

This worked out to be a great class assessment on their understanding of the ISTE standards and a great lesson in collaboration.  It also helped them to see how easy it would be use to augmented reality in their own classrooms.

I was especially in love with the idea that some used Adobe Spark Video, others used Clips, others used iMovie.. so it drove home the idea – create whatever you want to get the job done.    Each class we did this in got better.. we learned about using better whitespace, about making the selections tighter.. all of this produced better results.

It was a good lesson in seeing the teacher learn with them.(using a new technology) and also how its okay to not be perfect on the first run.




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