Creativity Tools Available in Native IOS

AECT Presentation – Tuesday October 22nd – Las Vegas Nevada.

In Apple speak, one might refer to programs that come free with your phone or your iPad as Native IOS Apps.  From days gone by, these apps might have been called the iWork suite.

However, they have refreshed these apps in the last year to be more creativity focused and published a series of books to encourage more creativity.

Apple has published a series called Everyone Can Create (you can easily find it in the Apple Bookstore with “Everyone Can Create”) or by following the link below.

These books provide lesson plans and activities that encourage student creativity. There are so many projects here but these are some of my favorites:

  • Using Photo App and Live Photos to make an animated gif.
  • Using Keynote to create animated drawings to share as video or animated gifs.
  • Using Keynote to create animated GIFs with video!
  • Using Numbers as an open canvas – Delete the grid – and you can design without the boundaries of a page.
  • Using Photo App with Burst and animating individual pictures to add detail.
  • Using iMovie to Green Screen but I still prefer DoinkGreenScreen App.
  • Using Pages to publish your own book including multimedia and scaffolding student learning and creativity.

Some other great resources found for free in the Apple Bookstore 


The Creatives by Kurt Klynen, Camilia Gaglioli and Rebecca Hare







The Why Use Series by Simon Pile



The Little Orange Book




Why are these such great resources for teaching preservice teachers and instructional design? 

  • Cost – Free
  • Allow for easy prototyping
  • Allow for drawing
  • Allow for publication
  • Offers opportunities for students to scaffold lessons and invite in creative content like videos and drawings.
  • Portability – its a creative studio in your hands.


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