Day one in Long Beach #instcon Tourist Day

So I was fortunately to get a direct flight from OKC to LAX but I had leave at 6am to arrive at 7:15 in LA.

Since i did not have anything scheduled until 8am . on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to be a tourist.


I started with a . hearty breakfast at the Breakfast Bar. (near the convention center) Then I went to see the Queen Mary. The haunted tour was a bust but the historical was really interesting. Also was the 4D movie and the first hand accounts of how the Queen Mary contributed to the War Effort.   When in Long Beach.. At the 4-D movie I ran into my first other #instcon attendee from Phoenix..

After the Queen Mary I took the advice of every Lyft Driver I asked and went to the Attic.. which is known for its Flaming Cheeto Mac and Cheese.  (and know there is a good coupon on Yelp for free fries).

Then to be honest, I saw all the fun stuff people were tweeting about but I had been up since 4am CST and it was 8pm PST – so . I was out..

Now feeling refreshed i am ready to learn in my PreCon Session on making engaging courses.

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