I took the Badging Plunge – Confessions of a Late Adopter

Okay.. here goes nothing.. I am using Badgelist, I am going to try to convert all of my exploration assignments into badges..   I have set them up as public badges on Badgelist.

Why public?

  1. It is free
  2. It is public and all things about creativity and 21st century learning is about public display.
  3. It is open and Open is what we should be modeling for our students.
  4. It allows for easier critique.
  5. It provides a public data point for our CAEP
  6. Students can link to it as part of their own portfolio and job application materials.

Since I have been so resistant to the idea of badging..  you might find it interesting to follow my first foray into the badging world..

The student badges will found at https://www.badgelist.com/EIPT-3043  

PS.. I did need to pull a few assignments back to Canvas because of Ferpa concerns  but large several step activities were broken down into steps.  For example – DonorsChoose critiques is a badge, but writing your own Donorschoose practice for a classroom you are observing is within Canvas.

2 thoughts on “I took the Badging Plunge – Confessions of a Late Adopter”

  1. This sounds really great! I’ve been thinking of doing something more formal with the optional Tech Tips that my students complete. Right now, I have them post them in their blogs… but maybe it would work even better as a Badgelist. Thank you for sharing all the details. That might make a super-fun summer project. I really like how we can see exactly how you are using it through your site: thank you!

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