Gosh, yesterday was a busy day..  I am actually documenting a lot of what is happening and I am learning through Twitter but Let me recap.

Morning started with me sitting at a table with professors from Wayne State College in Nebraska (there are so many cornhuskers here!) I ended up doing some impromptu demos of Nearpod at the table.. I actually love when I share some of what I know with colleagues.

The opening session with Dan Heath was great and continued on the theme that all students matter and we should be focusing on those students who need our attention and make them feel included and important.  And let me just say, that the Canvas Community is a good example of that..  people are great about making everyone . feel included at this conference.. Which is not typical of all conferences.

They also shared some product updates that look good some analytics, Everyone Can Code resources for Apple, and new student views.  What I am hearing from people that have a longer history with Canvas than we do that many of these changes were directly requested from the Users.  it was interesting to me how even the non Techies showed that Instructure is an Agile (SCRUM) workplace, they value people and users stories and innovate based on user requests and needs.

I attended a session on LTI advantage the tool that is being updated to link apps directly into Canvas. One complaint I have from students is that I ask them go bunches of different places. I hate how the App is killed when LTI integration occurs which results in a poor IOS experience. The panel made me think this might be solved.


I spent my lunch tweeting with the CanvasEduChat.  I will tell you, nothing lets you find the tweeters in the house like a midconference twitter chat. I made some more twitter friends and even met one at the party at night.

The second keynote of the day recognized amazing teachers that were using the platform and how they were reaching out to students and helping to build the canvas community through peer to peer support and modeling.

I spent my afternoon in the Partner hall and to be honest it was more fruitful than the formal sessions that I attended. I spoke with a few vendors and got some ideas of new projects as we grow our programs.  I also spent time at the User Services Station and in the Developer Hut..  It really helped me to solve a few user problems I am having. It also helped me to better understand the different functionalities and priorities between browser base and app based.  It has given me a lot to think about for my course in Fall.  It is a good and bad thing how robust Canvas is.. There are too many choices . and too many ways to do things.  However, the mobile team was great at helping me understand video updates that are coming and I am excited to use.

Now the conference has a 90 minute break after last session and the . Party at the Aquarium of the pacific. This was particularly dangerous because to get the aquarium you had to walk through an outlet mall.  Suffices to say, I will be checking a bag.

The Party at the aquarium was really fun.. I was kind of done and tired for the day but I was reinvigorated by a great DJ, relaxing fish, and meeting some new people.

Overall a great day, I am looking forward . to the final day and thinking about how I will attack the day!

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