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My students are participating in an everyone can create challenge around the the themes of community, tradition, or family over Thanksgiving week.   For some a creativity challenge is overwhelming so I thought  I would make an example and share with them the kind of reflections that I expect to see from them on the process. The goal is for students to stretch themselves wherever they are.. so as a teacher, I felt that my example needed to stretch myself too.

Background on my Skill Level
So here is a little background on me and my skills. I teach a technology integration class.  I regularly teach video editing using clips, iMovie and Adobe Spark  and Green Screen Using Doink.   Last week my class used HP Reveal after seeing in a local  ConnectEd school where they made a word wall . So that was my first use of HP Reveal and I showed students how to make a poster. (see earlier post)    But another thing I like to do is make things with the laser cutter at the Innovation Hub at OU.   So I started to wonder, could  I use HP reveal with a wooden object as a target? And could those objects be scaled (different sizes) and still work with the app?

For the Community aspect, I am fortunate to work in the same department as Gary Davis who teaches ASL and Deaf Culture in the College of Education. He has been here for almost a year. I unfortunately do not sign, but we communicate regularly and leave a lot of notes! !  However, I wanted to make him something for the holidays as a member of our faculty community.   I knew one of my students Shane Zumwalt was taking sign language at the same time as my class.

My Project
So for my creativity project, could I create a sign to give to Gary to wish him a happy holiday and welcome him for the first holiday season in our community using the skills I already had?

How did I approach the project: I used Adobe Illustrator to make a sign that said Happy Thanksgiving and one that said Happy Holidays. I cloned it and scaled it to different sizes.  But then I realized that I don’t know how to assign a new target in HP Reveal so I decided I better make a test case too.. which I did.

 Test Case 

 Actual Case

So I ran those at the Innovation Hub and took them home.

Then I made a short video in Keynote on my  iPad to just play around to see if I could target different sizes of objects.  And then I used HP Reveal to make the largest target as my target and then I saw if the others responded. This is how it worked!

So after I did that, I was confident that I could make multiple sizes on the Laser Cutter and use the same scan in HP Reveal.

So I went about making the video for my friend and colleague Gary.

So I asked my student Shane who is taking Sign Language to come by and let me film him saying Happy Holiday and Happy Thanksgiving against the green screen. I read some things about sign language and I realized that I needed to put a solid color behind Shane because that is considered best practices.

We filmed Shane at the Green Screen saying the two phrases and then used Clips to put music and a text screen for finishing. I thought about captioning it, but decided against it because it is a gift for Gary who is Deaf and captioning would not be for him. This could be easily done in clips.

So what tools did I use Adobe Illustrator,  Laser Cutter,  Doink Green Screen, Clips, and Canva for the backgrounds.   It was a pretty epic program App Slam but I learned some new things about Deaf Culture and some new things about how I could HP Reveal. I also used Vecteezy which is creative commons licensed. and if you notice my signs have attribution on them to vecteezy as per their standard license. I used Keynote to make a sample video and iMovie to show my finished product.

Classroom Use
So how could I use this in my classroom. This is pretty easy, because I was making it as an example for my students for the Creativity challenge. I wanted them to see that even though I have quite a bit of technology skill, I can combine it new ways to stretch myself.  I will do something like this in the future – and  may consider hiding notes in some of the things I make at the Innovation hub.  I am also tempted to take one of my OklaEd Pins and use it as a target and create a video about teachers at the capital.. They are all over the state now and it would be cool for people to be able to scan it and learn about the walkout.  (that might be a holiday break project)

The nice thing about this project, is that I should (not tested) be able to send the Adobe Illustrator files to friends and they could print it themselves and use it as well. It makes a whole a new crazy idea that I could make a puzzle or math manipulatives with embedded directions.

ISTE Standards
If I were going to talk about the ISTE standards that this project shows, I might go to the Educator Standards.  I think that this shows that I am learner because I am learning how to use HP Reveal as part of this project. I am a collaborator because I collaborated with Shane to make the videos.  I am also a leader in that I wanted to do this for equity to create something special to make my coworker feel welcome around the holidays.  Equity is much about how we choose to design things.  I think overall this project shows Designer for me as an educator. I designed this open ended activity to get students to stretch.

What challenges did I face in this project?  HP Reveal can be a bit buggy.. I have found that sometimes I have to close the app and restart because I will not read my targets. I get really nervous when they don’t work, and I need to chill out on that..  Its a known issue with HP Reveal.  (It also helps to reset wifi in my building – I sometimes think I hang on a router on floor 1 and need to reconnect on other floors)

Also making the videos to show the project was hard. I ended up having to hook my iPad up to Quicktime in order to show how it worked.. The screen recording could not capture the HP Reveal well enough.I then used IMovie on Mac to Edit out.

In the future, I would probably create them with places to put a ribbon to hang on a tree.  I might think of making them a keychain so I could carry them with me.   I am glad that I put the directions on the item – I did not need to worry about giving out directions. But in the future, I think maybe I would burn that to the back of the object for aesthetics.

Also I will talk to Gary to see how I should do it better next time from a Deaf Culture Perspective.  I hope that I will collaborate with him and his students in the future on some other projects.


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