Oh Alumni

So probably one of the best things about being a professor is alumni who stay in touch.

Are you shocked by this? I hope not..

In the last two days, I have had such great experiences with alumni and even some interested possible future students.

So what do I love about my interaction with alumni the best?

Real Feedback!  I had a conversation with someone yesterday and they explained to me that they did not continue on their educational path because of self protection – they wanted to maintain the creativity – and I felt – well.. Crushed!! but it was real feedback.

Another student, made a selfie video for me as part of an evaluation project and well.. Gosh.. I have watched it 4 times because I am tired and burned out and it reminds why I do what I do..

A third was showing me pictures of her new school.. and how excited she is to start her third year of teaching.  Thank you that excitement is infectious and a shot in the arm.

Also, this week I have had experiences talking to a first year teacher who will benefit from the Taryn Trotter Book Drive – which unfortunately is named for an 2013 grad who lost her battle with colon cancer.  http://kfor.com/2017/06/15/ou-graduate-helping-children-read-even-after-losing-battle-with-cancer/  

I love seeing our students making a difference in our world, be it in Oklahoma or Texas – I love seeing them making a difference in schools and kids lives..

If you are an alum, feel free to drop me a line.. let me know how its going ?  If you are not yet a student, come join us, let’s change the world together.

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