OU Create Challenge – Thanksgiving 2018

So I decided to quit fighting on Thanksgiving Week.  Absenteeism is high and students are not invested.. (and half of our classes do not meet and half do)   So we decided to go virtual this year with an everyone can create challenge.   They are challenged to do something around the big theme of community, family or tradition.

Student projects are due at midnight on the Sunday after thanksgiving.. so I am interested to see what they create. For several, the open ended ness of this project is crippling to them.   For others, they are on it.. I made an example, that I will share in my next post..

Please follow the hashtags they have to make to see how they do.. Student directions are below.

********* These are the details given to students ***

Everyone Can Create Challenge:

All projects must also be posted to social media (Twitter,  Instagram) with the hashtag #EveryoneCanCreate and tags @OUEducation  #3043

Due by November 25th at 11:59 for ALL CLASSES.

Worth 20 pts

You must create a creative technology project and share it out via social media tagging: #EveryoneCanCreate #OUEducation and #3043 and your teacher either @DrTerriC or @CKalinski

You can share out on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook.

You will use one of the technologies that you learned about in class, to create something around one or more of these themes of

  • Family
  • Community
  • Tradition

The thing you create should tell a story, and should be appropriate to share in your future classroom.  (Ie. not a personal gift to someone but instead a larger teaching moment that shows one of these themes and your ability to create something).  

This project is worth up to 20 pts.


All tags included: 3 pts

Using 2 or more apps to create your project:  +2 points

Including a child in production or creation of your project = +2 points


Completing a survey for class on Nov 12, 13, or 14th with  your idea for critique = 2pts

Completing a story board or a sketch by November 12th with your idea and handed in on Canvas.=2

Completing a reflection handed in on canvas by 11:59 Sunday night 25th (all classes) = 10

In 2 or 3 pages

Explain how the project you made shows your creativity and how creativity can be used by you as a teacher in the classroom and by your students.

Explain how in this project, you stretched yourself and your ability to create something.  (This is a very important criteria – DO NOT CHECK IT IN!)

Explain the process by which you decided on your project.

Explain the process by which you approached your project.

Explain the problems and challenges you faced and how you addressed them.

Explain any thing you were surprised to learn or new skills you learned through the process.

Explain if you did a similar project in your future classroom how it would be the same or different.

Explain what ISTE standards for Educators this project demonstrates for you as a future teacher.

Include a link and screen shot of how you shared it on social media on part of this report.

Include any information about how you made sure to use allowable images in your project.

This reflection hands in on Canvas.


Project itself is worth 5 pts

This project should should reflect positively on you and your future teacher self.  It should have clear audio (no background noise) and show forethought and planning.


The minimum length of a video project 90 seconds.


Note, if you do not complete a project and share it out on social media of some sort, you will receive a zero on all parts of it.

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