Reflective moment.. Having it all come together

So this year, I have been working on myself a little..

I had a job coach in fall and took a class on emotional reflection .. (both of these made available by wayfinding academy connections)

So some things that I noticed about myself that is good for those of us in higher education to think about.

We live very segmented lives…. we make it through the day or to the weekend, but we don’t really take the time to think like we should any more..

I was asked several times in the last few days about how I like to think.. and you know the answer was, I like to think in big pictures and think ahead.  but I found myself asking, if that is how I like to think – why I am just crossing things off list.. and how does it make it me feel?

Every experience makes you feel something, but given some meetings I had this week, and a project I am working on public speaking, I am realizing that reflection is important and it is okay to decide what we love doing and pursue it.

I think I am close to breakthrough (note: not breakdown) where there are a bunch of ideas that I have been thinking about are coming together.  I have had some amazing experiences in the last 5 years since we started the iPad project at OU. I have learned so much, changed how I learn, networked with some of the most amazing people in the world, and changed my views about expertise and educational change…  but where can I take those ideas? How can I combine them together? Research? Service? Teaching? or something else.

So I challenge you, my higher education friends,  have you reflected on where you are, where you have been and where you are going?  It is both scary and fun..

Join me on the rollercoaster and lets see where it can go!!


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