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Going to InstructureCon

So I am sitting here with my dog getting ready to go to Instructure Con.. and I am trying to think about my goals.  i rarely get to go to conferences any more where my main goal is to learn. so I am excited about that.

So here are my goals, as of now..

  • have some meaningful conversations with K12 users to better know how they are using Canvas..
    • Is it compatible with our use?
    • how are they scaffolding learning for students?
    • How are they managing deadlines and  developing independent learners.
    • How should I be preparing my future teachers to better use Canvas.
  • Up my Canvas game..
    • I hope to learn some new skills.  I am tired of my course set up.. and I have a new collaborator this fall.. It’s a good time to change.
    • Learn more about plugins.
    • Explore Badgr again.. I am currently using Badgelist but I would love to see more integration.
  • Make sure to use both the App and the web browser so I can compare student experiences.

I need to begin blogging again and use this as my opportunity..  So I will try  to take notes each night.