Theresa A Cullen Shortened Vitae

Hello thank you for interest in my background, I am including just a few chosen activities here but if you want my full background, please email me DrTerriC which is a address.

Dr. Theresa “Terri” Cullen
DrTerriC on gmail

Ph.D. 2006 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Instructional Systems Technology
Minor: Science Education

M.S. 2005 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Instructional Systems Technology

M.S. 1999 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
School Computer Studies
B.S. Ed. 1996 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

Comprehensive Teaching Biology – 7-12
Minors: Chemistry and General Science

Recent Employment
Associate Professor – Instructional Psychology and Technology
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Fall 2012 to present
• Coordinator of undergraduate technology integration courses 2006-present.

• Director of Digital Initiatives, Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, 2014-present.

• Coordinator of the 21st Century Masters Degree Program -Fall 2014 to present.

• Director of Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education 1 to1 iPad Program – 2012 – Present

• Instructional Psychology and Technology Program Area Coordinator 2014 –2016
Assistant Professor – Instructional Psychology and Technology
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Fall 2006 to Fall 2012

Selected Honors

OU Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Faculty Teaching Fellow, 2016-2017
Chosen by the Center for Teaching Excellence as a Teaching Fellow to lead a campus-wide faculty learning community.

Faculty Leadership Academy, 2015-2016
Awarded by application and recommendation of my Dean.

Alternative Textbook grant recipient, 2016-2017
Received a small grant for creating a digital textbook for my course and assistance to make an OER available to others.

Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) – Class of 2015
The Apple Distinguished Educator program is a competitive worldwide program for teachers and faculty that show innovative uses of technology in teaching. Each summit is competitive for participation
ADE International Summit Attendee – 2016
ADE Americas Academy Attendee – 2017

Featured on Apple Website: (Click Theresa)

Faculty Leadership Award, 2014-2015 and Teaching and Advising Award 2009-2010

CITE Faculty Summer Fellowship, Northwest Missouri State, 2001
This fellowship was awarded to allow me to develop an online course on Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic.

Selected Publications
Shannon, K. E., & Cullen, T. A. (2016). Engaging preservice teachers in professional development about iPads. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL), 8(2), 35-43.

Blackmon, S. J., & Cullen, T. A. (2016). Students’ experiences with community in an open access course. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 10(2), 9.

Hetz, P. R., Dawson, C. L., & Cullen, T. A. (2015). Social media use and the fear of missing out (FoMO) while studying abroad. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 47(4), 259-272.

Hur, J. W., Shen, Y. W., Kale, U., & Cullen, T. A. (2015). An exploration of pre-service teachers’ intention to use mobile devices for teaching. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL), 7(3), 1-17.

Cullen, T. (2015) Grant writing for Teachers: Open and For Credit Course on First class offering Summer 2015.

Cullen T. (2015) iTunes U Public Course: Applying for your first teaching job. Submitted as part of the Apple College of Education Summit.

Selected Presentations
Cullen, T., Akerson, V. (2017, April). Nature of Science and Elementary Teachers: Do Changes in Conceptions and Teaching Persist Eight Years following a Prolonged Professional Development Program? Paper to be presented at NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching) San Antonio, TX.

Cullen, T. & Karademir, T. (2017, January) Technology Experiences of Student Interns in a One to One Program. Presentation at MITE -International Conference of Mobile Technologies in Teacher Education, Los Angeles, CA.

Cullen, T., Spencer, S., Goodwin, V., Schugar, J, & Burlison, K. (2017, January) Creating Content for Teacher Education Designed for IPad Consumption. Presentation at MITE- International Conference of Mobile Technologies in Teacher Education, Los Angeles, CA. Materials available via Itunes U, enroll code DXD-JXD-JTA.

Pullen, M & Cullen T. (2016) Innovations in Future Teacher Technology Training. ADE International Institute, Berlin, Germany, July 22 – 26th, 2016. Materials available at:

Cullen, T. (2016, March) Learning Together: Faculty and Preservice Teachers Learning about iPads in a Blended Cohort PD Model. SITE Conference, Savannah, Georgia.

Cullen, T.A., Dawson, C.L., DeBacker, T.K. (April 2014). Faculty Response to a 1-to-1 iPad Initiative: A Snapshot of Technology Adoption. Presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hur, J.W., Shen, YW, Kale, U, and Cullen T.A. (April 2014) An Exploration of Pre-Service Teachers’ Intention to Use Mobile Devices. Presented at American Educational Research Association, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cullen, T., DeBacker, T., Islim, O.F. (March 2014). Attitudes Toward and Use of iPads in a College of Education One-to-One Program. Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE), Jacksonville, Florida.

Cullen, T.A. & DeBacker, T. (October 2013). iPads in Teacher Education: A Pilot Project of OU’s Digital Initiative. Presented at Teach Scholars Institute (TSI), University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Stansberry, S. & Cullen, T. (October 2013) Improving Teacher Education at OU and OSU. Oklahoma Technology Association/ Encyclomedia Conference. Oklahoma City, OK.

Cullen, T.A. & Debacker T. (May 2013). Faculty Adoption of iPads: An Emergent Case Study. Emerging Technology and STEM Symposia. Presented at University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

Cullen, T.A., Dawson, C., & DeBacker, T. (March 2013). Faculty and PreService Teacher Technology Partnerships: Putting 21st Century Skills into Practice. Paper presented at (SITE) Society for Information Technology in Education conference, New Orleans, LA.

Cullen, T.A., & Debacker T. (January 2013). Preparing our Faculty: Integrating iPads into Instruction. OU Tech Expo, Norman, Oklahoma.


Selected Invited Lectures and Professional Development Workshops

Cullen T. (April 2017) Technology Tools for Storytelling Wayfinding Weekend Lab, Portland, Oregon.

Miller, R, Cullen, T, Garn,G.and Laubach, T.(March 2017). Panel Discussion on the Future of Education. Part of the Brock Prize Symposium.

Cullen T (February 2017) Workshops for the ConnectED Professional Development Event.

Cullen T. (May 2016) Technology to Empower. Presentation to teachers in Milan, Rome, and Bologna Italy (Invited speaker).

Cullen, T. (January 28 2016) Technology Story Books. Presentation to EdCamp Global Classroom Delivered Globally using Google Hangouts on Air.

Cullen T. (January 29 2016) Apps that Pass the Latte Rule. Presentation to EdCamp Global Classroom Delivered Globally using Google Hangouts on Air.

Cullen, T. (August 2015) How social media changed my career. Invited lecture for the faculty at the Gaylord College of Journalism.

Cullen, T., (August 2015). Enhance Learning and Tutoring with

Technology, OU Action Tutoring Center Training. (Invited Speaker).

Cullen. T. (March 2014) iPads for Interactive Teaching. Invited Lecture for OUHSC EdTech Tuesday, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Grants Submitted
Kale, U, Akcaoglu, M and Cullen, T.A. (2016), ICU-Computing: A Route to Promote and Integrate Computational Thinking in Teaching: Submitted to National Science Foundation, for helping teachers in rural and urban school settings develop Interest, Competence, and Utility value (ICU) for incorporating computational thinking in teaching Requested Amount: $800,000 (not funded)

Hollands, F., Baker, R., Cullen, T., Blackmon, S., Whisenhunt, G. (2015) Guidelines for social and community learning in online environments. Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Requested Amount: $1,500,000 (not funded)

Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education