Updated Map for Teachers Leaving Oklahoma

I continue to work on my research about Oklahoma Teacher Flight.  You may remember the survey that is available at http://bit.ly/okteacherflight 

I am preparing to present my Research Findings on Thursday, October 5th at the Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in Lawton Oklahoma.  http://www.cameron.edu/rockymountain

As I am working on my data, I created another map showing where teachers left.  It is embedded below. Click on a marker to see where they came from (Oklahoma Town) is the label and the marker location is marking their new home.  Data also shows their difference in Salary.

All teachers that responded that stayed in education are making more money than they did in Oklahoma.  (I removed one response where they were now a graduate student) I had 240 of the 250 provide full salary information in a usable form.  (The ones that were not excluded, provided most information but either were those that said they could not remember what they made in Oklahoma or provided non comparable amounts – ie.. I made 2,000 after taxes in Oklahoma but now make 56,000 etc.. ) I coded those 10 as not sure or non compatible amounts.

For the 240 respondents that gave salary information for both Oklahoma and their new jobs.  Just looking at base salary, no extra duties, it amounts a total difference of $4,582,626.00!!!!!!! (an average of around 19,000 per teacher!) 

Wow..  Wow .. Wow..  I continue to work on my data to present it as a post on Thursday morning..   but perhaps we should think of this..

Imagine what your community would be like if there was even a few people who had 19,000 more to spend. What would that mean to the restaurants? Car Dealerships?  Grocery stores?  Banks?  

As we talk about budget shortfalls – just those numbers sink in. 

5 thoughts on “Updated Map for Teachers Leaving Oklahoma”

    1. I know right.. In fact, If I were a teacher in another state and I got credit for my higher education teaching experience, I bet I would make more than I make at OU. It is insane the different.. Plano is starting first year teachers out at 52,000.

  1. I left Oklahoma in 2005 because not only was the pay terrible (I was making a little over $25K/year then), but job security was equally bad because the state’s budget was always changing. Budget cuts were the norm. I moved to the DFW area and nearly doubled my salary. We’ve had “lean” years, but a “lean” year here is far better than a lean year in Oklahoma. My only regret is that I stayed in Oklahoma for 3 years…that’s $75,000 more in salary that I didn’t earn! Cost of living is only marginally higher.

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