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So a bunch of people may be shocked that I am saying.. Here Here to this article!

Here is the greater point of this article:

We have a deep infiltration of technology in the United states – many schools have a lot of technology available – but we don’t have deep integration.
Technology is not the field of dreams – if you build it – they many not use it..   We need to be sure to change how we approach technology use in schools.

How to do it:

  • Increase teacher training.
  • Focus on using technology for new tasks not old ones – ie.. not just digital worksheets but instead focus on technology for transformed assessment and personalized learning.
  • Focus on helping teachers develop curation skills. The technology is changing so fast, we need to focus on having teachers feel empowered to evaluate and make effective technology choices on tools they may have never seen before.

As a teacher educator, one of the challenges I am finding is getting access to tools that schools are using to demo and provide experiences to my students.

Ie.. I would love a personalized learning platform to allow us to demo and have students explore adaptive and personalized learning to be better prepared for their teaching careers. I am having a hard time finding a company that understands that use case.

These are areas that we need to grow – both in our teacher education program and in support of practicing teachers.

Teachers with more experience are poised to be leaders in making technology choices. Those with classroom management and procedures under their belts and a clear understanding of curriculum are well poised to transform education with technology – with the right supports!


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